Wednesday 14 February 2018

The Astronomy Show 14.02.18

The Astronomy Show 14.02.18

It seems like a very long time since the last Astronomy Show which was back in January the absence being due to me being asked to present astronomy lectures on cruise ships, I have recently been sailing around the Caribbean and South America and this coupled with taking my Stardome Planetarium into schools means that sometimes I am not around for the Astronomy Show so apologies for that. In fact after today I will be away again until March after which things should settle down a bit.

On the programme today I will be looking at the Hypatia Stone a rock that has been found in Egypt, its a meteorite but not as we know it. At the moment the experts cannot work out where it came from. One thing is certain it was not formed on Earth.

The regular feature will be on the show today, with the lastest astronomy news, the Messier Marathon has now reached M53 in Coma Berenices and the A-Z of constellations is at the obsure southern group of Mensa the Table. The astronomical scrapbook will be looking at events that happened this week in history including when the last and next solar eclipses on Valentines Day will occur, the solar eclipse that stopped a test match in India,  and the discovery of Pluto. This plus the latest news from the astronomy societies in the north of England.

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