Monday 18 November 2019

The Astronomy Shoe 18.11.19

The Astronomy Show 18.11.19

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at news that Ultima Thule which was visited by the New Horizons mission and is the most distant object visited by a space mission has  a new name. The small Kuiper Belt object will now be called Arrokoth.

I will take a look at the night sky not just for the next 7 nights, there will be a very close conjuction of the planets of Jupiter and Venus later this week. I will also take a look at  what we can see during the rest of autumn.

The latest news stories this week include signs of the new solar cycle 25 has started and that a possible new dwarf planet in the solar system has been identified.

Other regular features include the astronomical scrapbook looking at events that happened this week in history include in 1783 the discovery of a comet by Edward Piggot in York and the first transit of Venus being observed in 1639. All this plus news from the astronomical societies of the north of England.

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The next Astronomy Show will be on Monday 2nd December.