Wednesday 20 November 2013

Astronomy Scrapbook Thursday November 21st 2013

The Night Sky

The planet Jupiter will be about 5 degrees above the Moon tonight at about midnight.

The alpha Monocerotid meteor shower peaks tonight, normally a weak shower it does appear to sometimes have outbursts. The meteor shower could be connected with the orbit of comet van Gent-Peltier-Daimaca (1944 I).

The alpha Monocerotids  last outburst was in 1995 when 420 meteors per hour were observed. The normal rate is about 5 meteors per hour.

On This Day
November 21st 1964

NASA successfully places in orbit 2 satellites by means of the same launch rocket for the first time in the agency`s history. The two satellites are Explorer 24 and 25

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