Wednesday 29 June 2016

Astrognome Scrapbook Eclipse of the Sun June 29th 1927

Solar Eclipse June 29th 1927

The great northern eclipse of the Sun, totality was around and lasted a mere 23 seconds, the eclipse was visible from north Wales across, Lancashire, Yorkshire and to the Hartlepool’s.

 The weather was cloudy in many areas but was seen in Lancashire and parts Yorkshire. The astronomer royal was at Giggleswick School where the eclipse was seen.

At Southport in Lancashire aircraft were used to go above the clouds and photograph an eclipse seen over Britain. Around 3 million people traveled to the north of England to see the eclipse, around ¼ million were on the beaches at Southport.

Many of the people who traveled to see the eclipse went by train or in charabancs or open top bus.  Among the people who did see the eclipse was Virginia Wolf.

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