Thursday 12 January 2017

The Craven Star Party

The Craven Star Party

Astronomers will be converging on Cracoe Village Hall Cracoe near Skipton on Wednesday 18th January for the first Craven Star Party. The event will be organised by the Earby Astronomical Society and will be supported by the Bradford and the Keighley astronomical societies.

The star party will run from 6pm until 9pm. Astronomers will be on hand to show people where they can find the group of stars called The Plough; how to find the North Star; where they can discover the wonders of Orion and how to locate the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius the Dog Star. There will be telescopes available for people to look through to observe the wonders of the winter skies.

In addition, in the village hall there will be short slide shows describing what can be seen in the winter skies. If you have had a telescope given for Christmas and are not sure how to set up and use it, bring it along, as experts will be on hand to show you. 

The Craven Star Party will be broadcast live on Drystone Radio, 103.5 FM and on the internet. The event is free, and there is plenty of free parking. Light refreshments will be available.

The postcode for Cracoe Village Hall is BD23 6LQ. For further information please contact Martin Lunn on 07969 945413. 

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