Wednesday 11 July 2018

The Astronomy Show 11.07.18

The Astronomy Show 11.07.18

After a week of cruising and lecturing on astronomy off Norway in very hot weather, this summer is apparently the hottest in Norway since 1947, the Astronomy Show returns and looks at one of the coldest of the planets in the solar system, the strange world of Uranus the sky god.  There is a new theory amongst astronomers that something very large smashed into Uranus billions of years ago, the Astronomy Show will be looking at exactly this new theory is.

The night sky in July means that as far as astronomers are concerned we are now into observing the summer constellations. I will have a look and see which stars and constellations can be seen during the next couple of months. We still have a wonderful display of planets on show, sadly they are all quite low in the sky but with Mars getting closer to us it is becoming even brighter in the sky. There will be details of comet PANSTARRS that has suddenly increased in brightness going from a telescope object to be able to be seen in binoculars. The Sun still has very few sunspots.

The other regular features includes the latest astronomy news with details of how the massive dust storm on Mars is making the red planet look creepy, the latest news from the Dawn mission looking at the white spots on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. The A-Z of constellations continues with  the southern hemisphere constellation of Pictor the Painters Easel, while  the Messier marathon is now at M67 the open cluster in Cancer. The astronomical scrapbook looks at what happened this week in history including the launch of the first communications satellite Telstar and  the American space station Skylab crashing back to Earth .All of this plus the round up of news from the astronomical societies in the north.

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