Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Astronomy Show 24.10.18

The Astronomy Show 24.10.18

On the Astronomy Show this week I will be looking at the question when will we find Planet Nine? Last week I reported on the Astronomy Show about the small asteroid called the Goblin which has been discovered at the edge of the solar system and astronomers are watching it to see if anything might be pulling it slightly out of its predicted orbit.

I will take my regular look at the night sky this week. I will look at what constellations we can see at the moment, however with regards to the planets we are restricted to just seeing Mars at the moment. The other regular features include the latest astronomy news with the launch of the Bepi Columbo mission to Mercury. The astronomical scrapbook which looks at anniversaries this week in astronomy. In 1784 John Goodricke discovered the variable star Delta Cepheus, the first photo from the surface of Venus in 1975 and in 1675 the small moon of Saturn, Iapetus was discovered. 

The A-Z of constellation has reached Serpens a constellation in two parts, while the Messier marathon is at M78 in Orion. This plus the look at what the astronomy societies in the north of England are up to.

The Astronomy Show every Wednesday afternoon between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm only on Drystone Radio 103.5 FM. The show can be heard live on line at www.drystoneradio.com the show can also be heard later on the Drystone Radio Podcast.

I will be away for the next two Astronomy Shows I will be lecturing overseas, the next Astronomy Show will be live on Wednesday 14th November.

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