Monday 20 May 2019

The Astronomy show 20.05.19

The Astronomy Show 20.05.19

On the Astronomy show today I will be looking at the question 'when will we see another bright comet'. There are always many comets that can be observed, but these usually require reasonable sized telescopes to see them. Many of these can be really important to astronomers for a variety of  different reasons. However to many people the idea of a comet is a spectacular object with a magnificent tail stretching across the sky. When will the next one appear?

There will be the regular round up of the night sky for the next seven nights with a focus on the constellation of Bootes with its bright star Arcturus dominating the late spring sky.

I will be taking a look at a number of news stories this week that feature the Moon, including the Chinese Chang'e 4 experiencing its 4th night on the Moon, the crash site of the Israeli Beresheet lander has been identified and the news that the Moon is shrinking!

The regular astronomy news section includes a giant hole in the Martian atmosphere is venting all its water into space, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has passed its 60,000 orbit of the Red Planet and I will take a look at where the pioneer and voyager space craft are now.

The astronomical scrapbook which looks at anniversaries in history this week includes in 1543 the death of Copernicus, the bright nova in Pictor in 1925 and the first predicted eclipse of the Sun in 585 BCE. There will also be the round up of news from astronomical societies across the north of England.

The Messier marathon will end this week, I know that there are 110 objects listed but Messier only listed officially 103 an open cluster in Cassiopeia, the other 7 have been added in more recent times and it is uncertain if they were seen by Messier.

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