Sunday 9 August 2020

Mr Baxendell and S Delphini


Aug 9th 1865 S Del at maximum.

Mr Baxendell read a communication on the variable star S Delphini at the meeting of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester on the 9th of November 1865. It stated that a maximum occurred on August 9th 1865, magnitude 8.9, the mean period being 332 days and the minimum equalling the 13.5 magnitude.

Mr Baxendell’s results were confirmed in a great measure by Mr G Knott of Cuckfield. The colour of the star is reddish and is more intense at the minimum.

Note - S Delphinus is now known to be a Mira type red giant variable star with a magnitude range of 8.3-12.4 and a period of 277 days.

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