Monday 1 November 2021

A Derby Cooke for Sale


London Evening Standard Monday 24th September 1900

Tuesday next, September 25th

Sold by order of the executers of the late J Barber Esq, formerly of Spondon, near Derby

Mr J C Stevens will sell by auction at his great rooms 38 King Street, Covent Garden on Tuesday, September 25th next at half past twelve o’clock an EQUATORIAL TELESCOPE by Cooke & Sons of York: 7.25 inch object glass, eyepieces, clock & on iron column, position micrometer, anemometers, spectroscopes, Ross best binocular microscope with nine objectives and other apparatus, cabinets of microscopical slides, lantern microscope apparatus by Newton, gas bottles, gauges, screens, quartz, flints and other prisms, diffraction gratings, electric and other clocks, a fine ship’s chronometer, expensive Geisler’s tubes and X Ray tubes and other important scientific apparatus.- On view day prior from ten until four, and morning of sale, catalogues on application.

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