Sunday 12 December 2021

Mr Baxendell and Variable Stars 1


At the meeting of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester on the 5th March 1862 Mr Baxendell drew attention to the attempt which is now being made to organise an association for the Systematic Observation of Variable Stars. He was working closely with Mr George Knot of Woodcroft Observatory, Cuckfield, Sussex.

MR Baxendell remarked that the importance of a careful study of the phenomena of Variable Stars will be apparent when it is considered that all the so called fixed stars-our own Sun included- are supposed to have a general similarity of constitution.

It was hoped that the work of Mr Baxendell and Mr Knott would help to organise an association for observing these objects on a well arranged system will meet with a ready response.

Mr Baxendell has just been elected President of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester.

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