Friday 4 February 2022

A Cooke Camera took Shackleton's Endurance Photographs


The Endurance 22 Expedition will be using the latest technology looking for the wreck of the ship Endurance which was crushed by ice in 1915. This was the ship used by Ernest Shackleton and his crew on their mission to try to walk across Antarctica. Just as the Endurance 22 team are using the latest technology Shackleton used the latest technology to document his mission.

The official photographer was the Australian, Frank Hurley, and he chose a Graflex camera and as he wanted the best lenses available he used those made by Thomas Cooke & Sons of York to document the expedition.

As the Endurance 22 mission evolves over the next few weeks I am sure there will be lots of press coverage and when those images taken taken by Frank Hurley are shown, don’t forget he was using a Cooke lens.

It is worth noting that in 1912 Captain Scott had taken a Thomas Cooke & Sons theodolite with his to be able to accurately plot the point that he reached the south pole.

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