Thursday 28 April 2022

More Flamsteed Anomalies

 On February 1st 2022 I blogged about an anomaly I had come across with Flamsteed star numbers, well they seem to be flying in fast and furious at the moment. I have no idea what is going on.

I was searching part of Auriga when I came across  the star marked as Flamsteed 17 or to give it's variable star designation of AR Aur which is a binary formed of two stars with spectral types of  B9 + Bp  stars, the magnitude varies between 6.1-6.8 in a period of 4.1 days.

However the real story is with the star next to  fl17 which is HD 34452 or SAO 57884 and is brighter than fl 17 but has no flamsteed number. 

This star which is also a variable star, this time an alpha2 Cvn type with the designation of IQ Aur. It varies between mags 5.3-5.4 in a period of 2.4 days.

Stay tuned there are more to follow

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