Thursday 23 November 2023

The Frost Moon becomes the Before Yule Moon

 The full moon in November which this year occurs on the 27th is usually known as the Frost Moon. November is the month when traditionally the first very cold nights of the year occur and frosts will be seen, heralding the coming of the winter months.

However the full moon on the 27 November is the last before the feast of Yule which occurs on December 21st. This is the day of the year when the Sun is at its lowest in the sky and produces the shortest period of daylight of the year. This date can vary from year to year by a day or so.

A long time ago people watched for the full moon in December or occasionally in November; they then had from that date until the feast of Yule to chop down a Yule log from the forest in readiness to burn it from the feast of Yule for twelve nights. Today of course the Yule log has turned from firewood into a cake!!

The full moon in December falls on December 27. This means that the full moon in December this year will be known as the 'Cold Moon'. The naming of the full moons this year became disrupted because of the Blue Moon in September.


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