Monday 11 December 2023

Zeta Taurus observed from India in 1870 with a Thomas Cooke telescope

On December 8th 1870 the Rev J Spear watched for the occultation of zeta Tauri, no occurrence occurred. The Moon passing at least 10 minutes north of the test star to the best of my judgement.

The telescope used was a 4.5 inch Thomas Cooke & Sons , the defining power of the telescope is excellent.

Good nights are not very frequent except in the cold season. Scintillation of the stars within about 12 degrees of the horizon is very considerable, even at my present elevation of about 7,300 feet.

I fear there is nothing else in my notes worth communicating. I have not been able to obtain good views of Venus lately owing to the heavy fogs.

Churkrata N W Provinces, Bengal


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