Thursday 7 March 2024

Frederick Longbottom and his Thomas Cooke telescope

Mr Frederick Longbottom 1850-1933 was born in Scarborough, his family would move to Worcestershire where they would become hop merchants. When he retired he was able to devote much more time to his favourite hobby, astronomy.

He had a 6 inch Thomas Cooke and Sons telescope which he had before 1896 because he took it with him to Norway to try to observe the eclipse of the Sun. He also went on eclipse trips to Algiers in 1900 and Spain in 1905. He was at Giggleswick for the 1927 eclipse of the Sun. He helped to form the Chester Astronomical Society.

He eventually left the north of England and settled in Boscombe in Hampshire and it was from here that Longbottom was able in early June 1928 to see the planet Mercury in the day time sky using the 6 inch telescope.


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