Thursday 12 December 2013

Astronomy Scrapbook Friday 13th December 2013

Eye in the Sky

On the night of December 13th/14th the Geminid meteor shower will be at its peak with around 100 meteors per hour visible.

On This Day
December 13th 1795
Wold Cottage meteorite landed

At around 3 pm on the afternoon of December 13th 1795 a meteorite landed near the village of Wold Newton in East Yorkshire, England. It made a crater about 3 feet wide (1metre) and 6 inches deep (180mm). It weighed about 56 pounds (25kg). People thought that the sound of the detonation was like a canon firing. The local militia turned out because the thought a French warship was bombarding the coast.

The meteorite is now on display at the British Museum.

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