Monday 9 December 2013

Astronomy Scrapbook Monday December 9th 2013

Eye in the Sky (1)

 The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar  detected an outburst of Andromedid meteors on Dec. 8th. Meteor rates were near 20 per hour (ZHR), The shower could increase in intensity on Dec. 9th, Andromedid meteoroids come from Comet Beila which broke apart in the 19th century. The shower's radiant in Cassiopeia is high in the sky after sunset for observers in the Northern Hemisphere. A similar outburst of Andromedids in 2011 was rich in faint meteors. If the 2013 outburst is the same, dark skies will be required to see it.

                                                              Comet Beila

Eye in the Sky (2)

Jupiter will be just 15 arc minutes from the star delta Gemini.

On This Day
December 9th 1858

A meteorite fell onto a wooden  house in Ausson France. The meteorite was an L5 Chrondrite and weighed 300g.

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