Sunday 23 February 2014

Astronomy Scrapbook Monday 24th February 2014

On This Day (1)
February 24th 453AD

"Even the Sun appeared hideous, so that scarcely a third part of it gave light, I believe on account of such deeds of wickedness and the shedding of innocent blood". Gregorius Turonensis refers to the solar eclipse of 24th February 453 when Atiila the Hun was raiding Italy.

On This Day (2)
February 24th 1964

NASA reveals an extensive series of experiments are to be flown on the X-15 craft in the coming months, effectively guaranteeing the vehicles work until the end of 1968. The experiments will be supplied by either NASA or USAF; they will cover ramjet research, stellar ultraviolet photography, structures and materials investigations, optical research and micrometeorite collection and study.

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