Friday 14 February 2014

Astronomy Scrapbook Saturday 15th February 2014

Eye in the Sky
Feb 15th 2014 Summer Solstice on Mars

The Sun reaches its highest peak in the sky in the northern hemisphere on Mars today.

On This Day (1)
Feb 15th 538 AD first recorded solar eclipse in Britain

Described in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, it occurred four years after the death of Cerdic, first king of the West Saxons.

On This Day (2)
Feb 15th 1564 birth of Galileo

Probably the first person to use a telescope to look at the night sky. Among his many discoveries were the four large moons of Jupiter and sunspots.

On This Day (3)
Feb 15th 1868 death of William Rutter Dawes

Dawes was a clergyman, he made measurements of double stars and observed Mars and Jupiter.

 An optical limit the "Dawes Limit" is named after him.  The Dawes Limit is a formula to determine the maximum resolving power of a telescope.

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