Monday 3 October 2016

The Astronomy Show

The Astronomy Show on Drystone Radio

On Drystone Radio this Wednesday on The Astronomy Show as it is the first show of the month there will be  a tour of the night sky during October looking at the constellations that can seen their main features and any legends connected with them.

The A-Z of constellations continues with Bootes the Herdsman the only constellation beginning with the letter B. M7 in Scorpius is our latest cluster in The Messier Marathon, and the list of bright stars continues this week with Achernar in Eridanus the River.

This plus the astronomical scrapbook, the latest astronomy news, together with what can be seen in the night sky this week plus the astronomical society news.

The Astronomy Show, every Wednesday between 3 pm and 5 pm with Martin Lunn on Drystone Radio 103. 5 listen on line at  or hear me via podcast.  You can contact me at Drystone radio on

If you missed the Astronomy show on Wednesday 5th October it is available on podcast for 30 days.

Go to and check the podcasts.  

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