Wednesday 5 April 2017

The Astronomy Show 05.04.17

The Astronomy Show 05.04.17

The first Astronomy Show on Drystone Radio of April and there is so much going on!

The seasonal change over in the night sky from winter to Spring is almost complete, I will take at look at what can be seen in the spring sky.

In the astronomy news there has been yet another NEO (Near Earth Object) passing close by. The Sun has had a dearth of sunspots recently  but then a behemoth of a spot appears.

I will be looking at the usual features with the A-Z of constellations continuing with Columba the Dove, the Messier marathon is now at M22 the Great Sagittarius Cloud and our ramble through the solar system continues with Mars the Red Planet. This plus the astronomy scrapbook and the latest news from astronomy societies around the north.

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