Wednesday 12 April 2017

The Astronomy Show 12.04.17

The Astronomy Show 12.04.17

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at the Plough or Big Dipper as our American friends prefer to call it. It is high overhead in the spring sky and of course it is one of the main signposts in the sky for for finding our way around the night sky.

The night sky is now being dominated by Jupiter, the largest planet,  it is also the next planet on our journey through the solar system.

The usual features will continue the A-Z of constellations this week looking at Coma Berenices, the Messier Marathon continues with M23 in Sagittarius. The latest astronomy news includes news that there is another asteroid passing by the Earth on April 19th, it will miss us by about 1 million miles which is just as well as it is about 1 miles across.

The astronomical scrapbook looking at historical events this week in history will include the death of Charles Messier on April 12th 1817. There will also be the usual look at what is happening in the astronomy societies in the north.

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