Wednesday 24 May 2017

The Astronomy Show 24.05.17

The Astronomy Show 24.05.17

Today on the Astronomy Show I  will be looking at the North Star I mention it each week but I thought it was a good idea to take a closer look at this most important star.

It is tough looking at the sky this time of year because it is very late before it becomes dark and that period of darkness will continue to get shorter over the next few weeks, but there is still lots to see as I will explain on the show.

The news stories this week include details of the survey of the dusty ring surrounding the star Fomalhaut, with so many new planets being found other stars astronomers are now trying to figure out  how to classify them, and most of the dwarf planets seem to have moons!

A supernova bright enough to be seen in reasonable size telescopes has been discovered in the past few days, bright supernova are rare I will have the details.

The A-Z of the constellations and the Messier Marathon both look at the same constellation, this week its  Cygnus and M 29. The astronomical scrapbook looks at anniversaries including the death of Nicholas Copernicus in 1543. There will also be the weekly review of what astronomical societies in the north are doing. This plus a little bit of my music I like.

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