Wednesday 31 May 2017

The Astronomy Show 31.05.17

The Astronomy Show 31.05.17

Today on the Astronomy Show I will be looking at the latest information from the Juno probe which is at Jupiter and sending back information that has amazed scientists and is changing our views on the giant planet. This plus the findings of the Schiaparelli probe which crashed onto Mars last year, the findings point to a catalogue of failings in planning.  

We are about to enter the Noctillucent Cloud observing season, so this is a good time to explain what these strange night clouds are. In addition there will be a round up of what can be seen in the night sky this week.

The A-Z of constellations will look at the small summer constellation of Delphinus  the Dolphin, while the Messier Marathon today takes us to M 30 in Capricorn. I will dip into the astronomical scrapbook and find out what happened in astronomy this week in the past,plus the latest astronomy news, together with  a round up of what is happening in the  northern astronomical societies.

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