Wednesday 21 June 2017

The Astronomy Show 21.06.17

The Astronomy Show 21.06.17

Today is the summer solstice the day of the year when we have the most amount of daylight hours, in the Astronomy Show this week I will be finding out why.

I will also be looking at what has happened to the Noctilucent Clouds this year, they were missing at the beginning of summer, I will be investigating to find out what has gone wrong.

Following on from the Andromeda galaxies over the past two weeks the Messier Marathon reaches M33 the Pinwheel Galaxy in Triangulum, while the A-Z of constellations looks at the the tiny constellation of Equuleus the Little Horse, its the second smallest constellation.

The astronomical scrapbook this week looks at events including the discovery of Charon the largest of the moons that orbit Pluto, and the birth of the Yorkshire astronomer Fred Hoyle, this plus the latest astronomy news, what events are happening in the astronomy societies in the North, and of course what we can see in the night sky this week.

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