Tuesday 6 June 2017

The Astronomy Show 07.06.17

The Astronomy Show 07.06.17

For astronomers June is the poorest month to observe the night sky, in the north of England we have only about one and half hours of real darkness. So I thought I would begin the first show in June with a look at the proposed NASA mission to the Sun plus a look what we know about the Sun, our local star.

There will of course be a look at the night sky this week despite the lack of darkness, the Noctilucent Cloud season which has already begun, there will be the latest news.

The Messier Marathon continues with one of the most famous of all the Messier objects M 31 the Andromeda Galaxy. There will be a look at the astronomy news this week together with a look into the astronomy scrapbook and see what has happened this week in astronomical history.

The A-Z of constellations continues  with Dorado the Goldfish a southern hemisphere constellation which contains the Large Magellanic Cloud.  This plus a  round up of activities in northern astronomical societies, plus a little selection of the kind of music I like.

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