Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Astronomy Show 26.07.17

The Astronomy Show 26.07.17

It's back! after two weeks of R/R the Astronomy Show returns today from Starbase 82 on Drystone radio.

Today I will be checking on a massive CME or flare from the Sun which occurred on July 23rd,  luckily for us the flare was on the far side of the Sun so it posed no threat to the Earth, the target for this flare appears to be the planet Mars. It appears that there will be another near miss for the Earth, astronomers are watching an asteroid that could come very close to us in October.

I will take a look at what can be seen in the sky during the summer months and in particular take a closer look at the next few days .

All the regular features will be on the show with lots of news including quite a few stories regarding meteorites, the A-Z of constellations continues with Gemini the Twins, the Messier Marathon is now at M 36 which heralds a trio of messier objects in the constellation of Auriga, the astronomical scrapbook looks at events in history this week including the first space walk by a woman astronaut. There will be the regular look at what is happening with the northern astronomical societies.

The Astronomy Show only on Drystone Radio 103.5 FM, you can hear the show live on line at or listen to the show later on the podcast.

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