Wednesday 2 August 2017

The Astronomy Show 02.08.17

The Astronomy Show 02.08.17

On the Astronomy Show today we welcome the fact that truly dark skies return during August .

Today we will be looking at comets or more precisely how many comets are there and where do they come from? We know that in the past comets were regarded as ill omens while today we know they are more like dirty snowballs travelling around the Sun, and right on cue a comet has been picked up that it should be at its brightest in October. How bright? No one is sure yet but comets have been likened to cats, they both have tails and do exactly what they like!

The regular features include the astronomy news with news of yet another miss with an asteroid, the only problem with this one was that it was not found until it had past by the Earth and it was bigger than the Tunguska meteor!

There will be a look at what is in the night sky at the moment, The A-Z of constellations continues with the southern constellation Grus the Crane and the Messier marathon has reached M 37 the second of the trio of Messier objects in Auriga. The astronomy scrapbook looks at events this week in history  including the discovery of the Great White Spot on Saturn by the comedy actor Will Hay in 1933. This plus what is going on in the astronomy societies in the North.

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