Tuesday 5 September 2017

The Astronomy Show 06.09.17

The Astronomy Show 06.09.17

On the Astronomy Show this week I will be looking at the discovery of a nova that occurred over
600 years ago and has been discovered in Chinese and Korean astronomical records. The location of the star has been discovered by astronomers who are now able to study a 600 year long time line for a nova.

There will be the regular weekly features, looking at the night sky this week and with the longer nights starting to make themselves felt  I will be taking a closer look at the three constellations where we find the summer triangle of stars beginning this week with Cygnus as Deneb is virtually overhead at the moment .

The other regular features include the latest astronomy news,in  the A-Z of constellations this week I will be looking at Indus the Indian another modern but faint constellation, to make up for this the Messier Marathon reaches M42 the Orion Nebula one of the most spectacular sights in the sky. The astronomical scrapbook looks at events that happened this week in history including the landing of Viking 2 on Mars in 1976 and the great meteor event of 1511. This plus what's happening in the astronomy societies in the north.

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