Wednesday 30 August 2017

The Astronomy Show 30.08.17

The Astronomy Show 30.08.17

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at a report that says scientists have discovered that some stars in the Pleiades or seven sisters seem to be varying in brightness, the Pleiades are an easily seen feature in the winter sky.  I was observing the seven sisters back in the 1980s and it was clear then that something was going on in this cluster!

There will be the regular weekly look at the night sky including a look at the stars that are circumpolar in this country, circumpolar stars never set as seen from Britain.

The astronomical scrapbook which looks at astronomical anniversaries this week and  includes the Great Carrington Solar Flare in 1859 which destroyed communications around the world  and the launch of Mariner 2 the first probe to Mercury.

The latest astronomy news features the beginning of the Aurora season and the revival of the Phoenicid meteor shower. The A-Z of constellations is now at Hydrus the Lesser Snake while the Messier marathon is visiting M 41 in Canis Major. All this plus the latest astronomy news from the northern astronomical societies.

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