Tuesday 14 November 2017

The Astronomy Show 15.11.17

The Astronomy Show 15.11.17

It's back! The Astronomy Show on Drystone Radio, I have been away for the last few weeks lecturing on a cruise ship in the Arctic Circle where we have be looking  for and seeing some incredible Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights plus I have been doing my normal work with my planetarium in schools teaching astronomy to children.

However back to the hear and now, on Wednesday I will be taking a close look at the Kuiper Belt and discovering what we know about it and what we still have to find out.

I will be taking a look at what is happening in the night sky this week including explaining what happened with  the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the morning sky, it was seen by lots of people.

The latest astronomy news includes features on the star that would not die and that the James Webb telescope launch has now been put back until 2019. This week's Messier Marathon is an  amazing double serving with M46 and M47 in Canis Major, by comparison the A-Z of constellations is at Leo Minor which is very faint and obscure group. The astronomical scrapbook this week includes the birth of William Herschel,  Mariner 9 the first probe to enter orbit around a planet and the first  entry in John Goodricke's diary. This plus all the latest news from the astronomical societies in the north.

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