Wednesday 29 November 2017

The Astronomy Show 29.11.17

The Astronomy Show 29.11.17

There will be a Super Moon on December 3rd, it is the closest full moon of the year and when it rises it will appear larger than normal, the Astronomy Show will be looking at exactly what is going on. In addition as it December full moon it will be the Before Yule Moon, I will explain more this afternoon.

The regular features include the latest astronomy new including the problems of light pollution increasing and that streaks on Martian hills might be dry flows rather than wet ones. There will be all the latest details of what can be seen in the night sky this week. The A-Z of constellations is in the zodiac today with Libra the Scales, the Messier Marathon is at M 49 in Virgo. The astronomical scrapbook looks at events that happened this week in history.  All this plus the round up of the news from astronomical societies in the north.

The Astronomy Show only on Drystone Radio 103.5 FM every Wednesday between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm. The show is live on line at or the programme can be heard on the drystone podcast .

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