Wednesday 3 January 2018

The Astronomy Show 03.01.18

The Astronomy Show 03.01.18

Welcome to 2018 and to the first astronomy show of the new year. Today I will be trying to discover exactly what a Blue Moon is, why? because there will be a blue moon in January. There will also be not one but two super moons this month!

Our home planet is in the news today because at the moment the Earth is at its closest to the Sun for the year, yet we are in the middle of winter in Britain at the moment, I will try to explain what is going on. There will be a tour of the night sky now we are really into the winter observing season. 

The regular features include the A-Z of constellations, today looking at Lyra and the Messier marathon is now at M 52 in Cassiopeia. The astronomical scrapbook looks at what happened in history this week while there will be a quick look at  some of the astronomical and space flight highlights for 2018. This plus the round up of what is happening in the astronomical societies in the north.

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