Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Astronomy Show 20.12.17

The Astronomy Show 20.12.17

The last astronomy show of 2017, I will be looking at what is going on with the Sun. Is it changing? Very small sunspot cycles and other effects have led astronomers to speculate the something might be going on within our local star, the Sun.

I will be looking at the night sky over the Christmas period including one of the most understudied meteor showers the Ursids which will peak on the night of December 21/22, normally only a few meteors are seen but this shower can and has produced surprisingly large numbers of meteors in the past.

The other regular features include the  Messier Marathon, today  looking at the Whirlpool Galaxy M 51. The A-Z of constellations by comparison is at the rather obscure constellation of Lynx. There will be the latest astronomy news plus the astronomical scrapbook looking at events that happened this week in astronomy including the Barwell Meteorite which landed on Christmas Eve 1965, and the famous bible reading by the crew Apollo 8 crew when they saw Earthrise from the Moon.

The Astronomy Show every Wednesday afternoon between 3.00 pm and 5 .00 pm only on Drystone Radio 103.5FM. You can hear the show on line at or hear the show later on the Drystone podcast.

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