Wednesday 2 May 2018

The Astronomy Show 02.05.18

The Astronomy Show 02.05.18

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at how the DAWN mission which has been exploring the dwarf planet Ceres which is located in the Asteroid Belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter  has been shedding light on our knowledge of asteroids. Ceres was referred to as an asteroid until 2006 when it was  re-classified as a dwarf planet.

There will be the regular tour around the night sky during the next few days. The latest astronomy news will include the sunspots that are vanishing much faster than expected, and the new star map with 1.7 billion stars.

The A-Z of constellations reaches Octans the Octant an obsure constellation in the southern sky which is noteable only because it contains the faint South Pole Star, while the Messier Marathon has reached M58 in Virgo. Our look into the astronomical scrapabook this week includes the brightest supernova star ever seen in this galaxy and the closest comet to pass the Earth in 200 years. All this plus the round up of news from astronomy societies in the north of England.

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