Wednesday 9 May 2018

The Astronomy Show 09.05.18

The Astronomy Show 09.05.18

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at how our solar sysytem formed. Until recently it was assumed that the solar system formed in a fairly orderly way from a cloud of dust and gas. Now however evidence suggests that the early early period of the solar system's formation was chaos and mayhem. If you want to find out more tune in to the show today.

There will be the regular look at what can be seen in the night sky during  the next seven nights. The A-Z of constellations has now reached the large but faint summer constellation of Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder. The Messier Marathon today is a double bill looking at the galalxies M59 and M60 which are so close together in Virgo that it made sense to do them together.

The latest astronomy news includes the launch of the InSight mission to Mars and that the pop singer Ariana Grande likes the planet Neptune a little bit more than Jupiter! The Astronomical Scrapbook looks  at what happened this week in history including in 1861 the birth of the Austarlian astronomer John Tebbut and  in 1866 the discovery of the star T Corona Borealis the 'Blaze Star'. This plus the usual round up of what is going on in the astronomical societies in the north during the next week.

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