Wednesday 8 August 2018

The Astronomy Show 08.08.18

The Astronomy Show 08.08.18

With a fireball exploding over an United States air base in Greenland on July 25 and the event only just being reported, the Astronomy Show will be looking at how astronomers discover and then try to track asteroids that approach the Earth.

It's August and this means that the Earth will have its annual meeting with a stream of comet dust  on the night of August 12/13 when people can see probably the most famous of all the annual meteor showers the Perseids. Today I will be looking at just what  meteors or shooting stars actually are and why we see meteor showers and the fascinating history behind the Perseids. This plus the round up of what can be seen in the night sky including the summer triangle stars, the bright planets, and the green comet which has been dubbed the incredible hulk comet.

The other regular features include the A-Z of constellations which is now at Pyxis the Compass while the Messier Marathon has reached M71 in Sagita the arrow. The latest astronomy news includes how astronomers watched 2 meteorites hit the Moon and a bizarre rogue planet with incredible auroras. The astronomical scrapbook looks at anniversaries that have occurred this week including the launch of Explorer 6 which sent back the first photo of the Earth and the launch of the Echo 1 communications balloon. This plus the round up of the latest news from the astronomical societies in the north of England.

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