Wednesday 15 August 2018

The Astronomy Show 15.08.18

The Astronomy Show 15.08.18

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at the Parker Solar Probe which is now on its way to the Sun and will hopefully be able to supply answers to questions that astronomers have regarding our local star. However don't be surprised if the Parker mission throws up more questions than answers. That's the fun part of astronomy, there is always another question to answer.

I will be taking my weekly look at the night sky and yes you guessed it I missed the Perseid's because of the cloudy weather, but other people have seen wonderful displays of the Perseid meteors. Mars is still very bright but we are beginning to loose the other planets. There will be the round up of astronomy news from the past few days including news that the variable star R CrB has awakened and Pluto will be occulting or passing in front of a distant star and NASA scientists are trying to wake up the Opportunity Rover on Mars.

The other regular features include the Messier Marathon which today has reached M 72 the faintest globular cluster on the Messier list . The A-Z of constellations has now reached another small and faint southern hemisphere constellation Reticulum the Net. I will take a look into the astronomical scrapbook to see what anniversaries occurred this week including the discovery of the variable star Mira by David Fabricius in 1596 and the launch of Venera 7 in 1970 the first probe to land on Venus. This plus the regular round up of news from astronomical societies in the north of England.

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