Monday 4 February 2019

The Astronomy Show 04.02.19

The Astronomy Show 04.02.19

On the Astronomy Show tonight I will be looking at news that the Earth's magnetic field might be  flipping over soon. There are reports that scientists are noticing that the north magnetic pole is so out of whack that this could be a sign that the magnetic pole might soon flip over.

There will be the regular look at what can be seen in the sky at the moment, there seems to have been some activity in the solar wind hitting the Earth causing aurora to be seen in the arctic. If the activity is strong enough it may even be seen from northern Britain. The winter constellations are on still on view and the morning sky is still the place to look for planets. In the astronomy news the Chinese rover and lander have survived their first night on the freezing cold far side of the Moon, and the solar Parker probe has completed its first journey around the Sun.

The Messier marathon has reached M92 in Hercules a globular cluster which is often overlooked in favour of M13. The AZ of constellations is at Volans the Flying Fish a  southern hemisphere constellation but with no bright stars. The astronomical scrapbook looking at anniversaries this week includes the Mariner 10 flyby of Venus and the birth of William Huggins in 1824 one of the pioneers of spectroscopy. This plus a round up of what is happening in the astronomical societies in the north of England.

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