Monday 28 January 2019

The Astronomy Show 28.01.19

The Astronomy Show 28.01.19

On the Astronomy Show tonight I will be looking at news that when it first formed planet Earth my have not only been struck by an object which caused the Moon to form but the impact may be the reason that life exist on our planet today.

There will be the regular review of what can be seen in the night sky during the next week including a very nice coming together in the morning sky of the planets Jupiter and Venus. The latest astronomy news features details that the Apollo astronauts may have found the oldest Earth rock we know of on the Moon, there will be details of the latest images released by NASA of the asteroid Ultima Thule by the New Horizons probe and a bitter sweet 15th anniversary of the Mars rover Opportunity but it appears to have succumbed to the massive Martian dust storm last year.

Other regular features  include the A-Z of constellations which has reached Virgo the Virgin, while the Messier Marathon is at one of the missing Messier objects, M91 it cannot be found! The astronomical scrapbook will be looking at astronomical anniversaries this week includes the death of Johann Hevelius in 1687, the launch of the first successful American satellite Explorer 1 in 1958 and the discovery of comet Hyukate in 1996. This plus the round up of news from the astronomical societies in the North of England.

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