Friday 22 May 2020

May 22nd 905 Great Comet

May 22nd 905 The Great Comet

On May 22nd 905 a comet appeared in the constellation of Gemini, by June 12th its brightness was very intense and its tail stretched across the sky. It was visible for 3 weeks.

During medieval times comets were often considered ill omens and bringers of bad fortune, in 899 King Alfred the Great had died and his son Edward and his nephew Ethelward were contenders for the throne.

However the Vikings from Denmark were also attacking the country. Ethelward joined forces with the Vikings. In the summer of 905 when the comet was high in the sky a battle was fought between a group of men who supported Edward and a force led by Ethelward and the Vikings. Although the Vikings were successful Ethelward was killed ensuring that Edward would continue to rule the country until 924.

I am sure that an astrologer of the time would have predicted the death of such a noble person.

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