Sunday 13 September 2020

A Cooke in Plonsk


A Cooke in Plonsk

On the death of Dr J Jedrzejewicz at the end of 1887 the observatory which he had founded at Plonsk was moth balled for a number of years. Plonsk is a town in north central Poland. The observatory which housed amongst other telescopes was a 5 inch Cooke with a clockwork drive. Jedrzejeewicz was a noted amateur astronomer in Poland and used to observe 16 comets, as well as sunspots, double stars and lunar occultations.

In 1886 he wrote ‘Kosmografia’ A Handbook of Astronomy.

In 1898 the observatory was rehoused at Warsaw at a location a short distance to the north west of the University there.

At present I have no further information on the observatory or Cooke telescope or even if it still exists.

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