Monday 14 September 2020

Meteors seen over Manchester same area, different years

Meteors seen over Manchester same area different years

The Great Detonating Meteor seen from Manchester

On September 14th 1875 at 8.27 pm Mr T W Grey reported the meteor. He said ‘The nucleus appeared to be of about two thirds that of the moon, the colour resembling the magnesium light, the tail apparently 2 or 3 yards in length, of a ruddy colour: the part immediately in contact with the nucleus resembled ordinary fire. I heard no noise. The head was excessively bright. I first saw it very near to the moon, whence it proceeded in a northerly course, parallel with the Earth’s surface and about 60 degrees above the easterly horizon. Its speed for a meteor was slow. It remained in sight for 7 seconds, until it disappeared behind the houses’

position 348 degrees +0 near beta Piscium

 The Fireball of September 14th 1901 seen from Manchester.

On September 14th at 8.44 pm an unusually bright object was seen in the sky and was witnessed over a large part of the country.

Mr J Halton of Manchester says the nucleus seemed to plough its way through the atmosphere as though strongly resisted.

The meteor was estimated as being as bright as the full moon. The radiant point of this bright meteor was very similar to that of September 14th 1875 also seen from Manchester.

position 345 degrees +1 degree

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