Wednesday 10 March 2021

T W Backhouse, Two Comets and a Cooke


T W Backhouse, Two Comets and a Cooke

On the 27th September 1892 about 15hrs 30 mins GMT comet Brooks (c1892) had a tail 10 degrees long, pointing at an angle of 280 degrees.

At the later part of September Swift’s comet (a1892) was still a conspicuous object seen with a 4.5 inch Thomas Cooke refractor. Observations on several nights showed that it not only has a faint tail- at position angle 260 degrees on the 24th September at 8hrs and 30 mins, when I observed it to be certainly 11 degrees long, and suspected it to 21 degrees- but that also there was an elongation nearly in the opposite direction.

T W Backhouse 4.5 inch Cooke 

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