Sunday 4 April 2021

Comet Wells seen with a Cooke

Comet Wells seen with a Cooke 

Bradford Observer Tuesday 11th April 1882

The Comet Wells

Mr. J. Rand Capron writes from the Observatory, Gildown :- This object is now within the power of small telescopes, and was seen with the 6-inch Cooke Equatorial here at 9h. 35min G. M. T. on Thursday, the 6th (just before the moon rose), in a position between Lyra and Draco, closely corresponding to that given in Lord Crawford’s Circular No. 50 R.A. (18h. 28m. 035.; D.N. 44.33). The object was rather faint, and had a tail north preceding. The brightness of the small condensed nucleus was judged about equal to a star of the seventh magnitude. It is increasing in brightness nightly, and as the moonlight departs it will soon become an easy object even for small apertures.

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