Saturday 10 April 2021

The Mount Lookout Observatory

 The Mount Lookout Observatory

A report from an America

American Register Saturday 3rd July 1875

The equatorial telescope 12 inches in diameter, made in Munich for the Lookout observatory in Cincinnati arrived recently and will be placed in position immediately.

Mt Lookout Observatory c1880

My note

The original Cincinnati Observatory was located at a site called Mount Ida which was opened in 1843 with a telescope with a 11 inch lens made in Munich, Bavaria (this was before a unified Germany) by former President Quincy Adams, the mountain was subsequently renamed Mount Adams.

In 1873 due to light pollution this new observatory was built about 5 miles outside of Cincinnati to allow for clearer skies and was called the Mount Lookout Observatory.

In 1904 a 16 inch Alvan Clark telescope would be installed.

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