Monday 9 August 2021

Another Liverpool Cooke for Sale


Pall Mall Gazette Friday 2nd January 1885

Astronomical Observatory with Telescope and Appointments Complete

To be SOLD, a bargain, on account of the owner’s eyesight, an excellent equatorial-mounted TELESCOPE by Cooke, 4.5 inch diam; Dawes solar and numerous other eyepieces, micrometer, induction coil and battery, automatic and star spectroscope, spark condenser, clock by Cooke, barometer 7-10 diam, observing chair, complete sets of the memoirs and monthly notices of the RAS Astronomical Register and Observatory, with indexes, and a number of other astronomical works, all in the best possible condition. The above presents a very rare opportunity to astronomical students.

Address “Telescope”, care of Lee and Nightingale, Advertising Agents, Liverpool

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