Saturday, 15 January 2022

A Cooke with a Scottish / Italian connection


Louis Paschal Casella was born in Edinburgh, his family was Italian. In 1838 he moved to London and joined as co partner to Caesar Tagliabue at Hatton Gardens. By 1844 they were making philosophical instruments including telescopes. In 1856 they became instrument makers to the Admiralty.

In 1866 they ordered from Thomas Cooke & Sons Telescope No. 31 in a polished oak case. On the side was to be engraved in three lines L Casella / maker to the Admiralty / London. I am not sure why they could not complete this order themselves. Maybe they were too busy or perhaps the Cooke telescopes were of a superior quality.

This was not the first telescope that Casella ordered because in 1864 there was a 3.25 inch telescope and in 1865 a 3 inch telescope on a table stand.

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