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An Observatory that was vandalised in Surrey in 1887


Wallington & Carshalton Herald Saturday 9th July 1887


To the Editor of The Herald

Sometime night my Observatory was broken into and the equatorial astronomical telescope mounted there was completely ruined, the object glass, good one by Wray. Was stolen. and all the adjusting and clamping screws removed and taken away.

These things, of course, have little or no value in themselves apart from the instrument, but without them the whole machine with all its lenses and accessories, which I kept for greater safety in the house. is utterly useless. Such wanton mischief ought somehow to be exposed.

I regret to say that this is not the first time I have had reason to complain, for hardly a month has passed during the year without some damage being done to the observatory itself; it is of very light structure. made of wood and covered with the Patent Willesden Card. and has successfully stood the 'heavy snow falls and storms of the past winter, but has not been proof against the sticks and stones which has frequently been sent through it.

The observatory stands in but perhaps too nest the footpath across the lavender field from which the mischief has been done.

I never expect that my loss can be replaced, it would be no easy matter to get the missing parts, probably scattered in the lavender field re made, and a new instrument, even if I could afford to buy it, could never have the associations and interesting early study.

But what can be said for this wanton spirit of destruction, which would have been counted a disgrace, even by the most uncivilised races of the world.

However let the people of Wallington know what sort they have in their midst to deal with, and be on their guard, for what can be safe?

I am yours faithfully

John H Haslam

Penden Wallington, July 5th

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